The State Company Russian Highways («Avtodor») was established in 2009. The Company's objective is to develop a network of high-speed toll highways, attract off-budget investments, and to develop road service facilities.

The State Company Russian Highways is a trust manager of the 450km long M1 'Belarus', M4 'Don' (1,517km), M3 'Ukraine' (432km) motor road, and of the new M11 'Moscow - St Petersburg' high-speed highway. The State Company carries out their comprehensive renovation.

Avtodor is in charge of the development of the Central Ring Road (TsKAD) in the Moscow Oblast.

The State Company employs the public-private partnership (PPP) mechanisms to implement all its major projects.

Avtodor State Company has commissioned first road facilities (a segment of the M1 'Belarus' motor road bypassing Odintsovo and a segment of the M11 'Moscow - St Petersburg' highway between the Moscow Ring Road and Solnechnogorsk), implemented under concession agreements. In 2014, a segment of the M11 high-speed highway between kilometres 258 and 334 to bypass VyshnyVolochok in the Tver Oblast was opened for traffic; this project was implemented under a long-term investment agreement.


State Duma's Committee for Transport and Construction

The Committee is engaged in vast and purposeful activities for legal regulation in the sphere of transport and construction. The Committee works closely with other legislative bodies, relevant ministries and departments, relies on active support of transport and construction enterprises, their unions and associations. Chairman of the Committee – Evgeni Moskvichev.

Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation

Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation

The Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation is a federal executive authority in the transport industry, which carries out functions on elaborating state policy and normative-lawful regulation in the sphere of civil aviation, the use of airspace, sea, internal water areas, rail, road, urban and industrial electric transport, road infrastructure, organization of safety navigational hydraulic structures, transport security, registration of aircraft and traffic management in terms of organizational and legal measures to manage traffic on the roads.

Ministry of Telecom and Mass Communications of the Russian Federation

Ministry of Telecom and Mass Communications of the Russian Federation

Ministry of Telecom and Mass Communications of the Russian Federation is the governmental agency of Russia, responsible for telecommunications, mass media, IT and postal services.

The Ministry is responsible for developing and implementing national policy and legal regulation in following spheres:

  • Telecommunications, including the allocation and conversion of the radio frequency spectrum, and postal communications;
  • Mass media, including the electronic media, development of the Internet, television and radio broadcasting, and related technologies;
  • Publishing, printing, and distribution of printed media;
  • Information technology, including creation of government information resources and promotion of access to such resources;
  • Personal data processing and Internet governance.

Federal Road Agency (Rosavtodor)

Federal Road Agency (Rosavtodor)

Federal Road Agency (Rosavtodor) is a federal executive authority, which provides public services and administers the state vehicles and roads property, including recording of motorways, and provides state services related to transport safety in this area.

Federal Road Agency is an authorized competent body in the field of roads and vehicles, which exercises the obligations arising from the international treaties signed by the Russian Federation as it pertains to providing the public services and administering public property.

Rosavtodor's area of responsibility covers the functions of the public purchaser of federal grants, R&D and innovations programs and projects on the relevant activities, including the "Roads" sub-program of the "Development of Transport System of the Russian Federation (2010-2020)" federal grant program.

Rosavtodor administers the federal motorways both directly and via the system of federal government agencies (FGA) which ensure the operations management of the federal intercity roads and their engineering structures assigned to FGA, as well as support to safe and smooth running of vehicles on the federal intercity roads.


Government of Saint Petersburg

Government of Saint Petersburg

Governor of St. Petersburg is Georgy Poltavchenko.

Business Russia

Business Russia

International activity is one of strategic work areas of "Business Russia". Its purpose is to create mechanisms to support and promote interests of the Russian business community abroad and foreign businesses in Russia. Among International Department key competences are following:

  • development of the Russian non-oil-and-gas companies external economic opportunities;
  • promotion of national hi-tech export;
  • formation of permanent bilateral discussion mechanisms (business platform format) to frame comprehensive solutions on the most important questions of business partnership;
  • establishment an extensive network of partner organizations (foreign businesses) and business ambassadors (official representatives of "Business Russia" abroad);
  • promotion of initiative to create Russian Federation trading houses abroad on the basis of public-private partnership;
  • contributing to improve the country's investment climate;
  • development of Russian businesses appeal abroad.

For more than five years "Business Russia" actively contributes to shaping of both the internal and international business agenda:

  • Business council of CICA (The Conference on Interaction and Confidence-Building Measures in Asia);
  • B20 forum;
  • APEC forum;
  • BRICS forum;
  • "Business Russia" together with the Chinese federation of industrial economies (CFIE) is the cofounder of The Belt & Industrial and Commercial Alliance (BRICA). This is an international non-governmental organization created for information exchange to assist industrial investment as well as trade and economic cooperation between the countries and regions along routes of the Silk Road Economic Belt.

In 2017 according to the decision of Russian Government "Business Russia" became a member of the Business council under the Organization of Black Sea Economic Cooperation (BSEC) which unites the leading business associations of the Black Sea area.

In 2016 "Business Russia" representatives took part in 47 bilateral intergovernmental commission meetings, corresponding work groups and official delegations visits. "Business Russia" organized 32 Russian business visits abroad, hosted 18 business-missions in Russia, including ones in regional offices, and signed 11 cooperation agreements with foreign business associations and export&investment agencies.

"Business Russia" also organized and hosted the largest international events, such as VI Russian-Japanese investment forum, Russian-Singapore business forum, forum "Russia-Brazil: the strategic directions of cooperation", etc. Additionally, "Business Russia" traditionally hosts two-and multilateral events on the country’s leading platforms: KEF, SPIEF, EEF and IIF in Sochi.

Three committees of "Business Russia" shape international economic activities agenda:

— Development of Export and International Business Partnership Committee;
— Custom Regulation Committee;
— CIS Affairs and Eurasian Integration Development.

"Business Russia" supervises activity of Public Business Council responsible for implementing priority projects in the sphere of "International cooperation and export". As of now, 5 priority projects are approved:

— System measures for international cooperation and export development;
— Export into industries;
— Export of agroindustrial complex products;
— Export development by means of electronic trade;
— Export development of Russian education system.

Annually "Business Russia" conducts analytical researches among private companies concerning formation of important aspects of foreign economic activity development and non-oil-and-gas export potential unleashing. All results are delivered to the Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation and the Russian Export Center in case of possible correction of external economic policy concerning interests of business community.

Figures and facts:

  • network of 96 partner organizations and associations abroad;
  • 50 international cooperation agreements;
  • more than 75 Russian business foreign missions and receptions of foreign delegations are held under the aegis of "Business Russia" annually;
  • "Business Russia" ambassadors are actively working in Spain, Singapore, Sudan, Thailand, Sweden, Japan, Ireland, China, Iran, Bahrain, UAE, Egypt, India, Brazil, Turkey, Georgia, San Marino;
  • 6 permanent business-platforms on cooperation with Japan, Germany, India, Sweden, Greece and Sudan are created;
  • "Business Russia" members lead the work of 9 business councils on cooperation in Japan, Thailand, Singapore, North Korea, Kyrgyzstan, Hong Kong, USA, CICA, BSEC;
  • "Business and Investments: Guide to Russia 2013" is published and contains important information about dynamics of Russia’s main economic indicators, branch structure of its economy.



All-Russian Non-Governmental Organization of Small and Medium Business "OPORA RUSSIA" is the largest association of entrepreneurs in our country

Founded: September 18, 2002

Our goals:

- To create a favorable environment for doing business in Russia, including the ability to create added value without fear for one’s property and business.
- To increase the role of SMEs in the Russian and global economies.
- To develop Russian entrepreneurship, including the culture of doing business.

The organization is committed to:

- Develop and submit to public expertise draft laws and regulations in the field of business and economy.
- Provide legal assistance and protect the rights of entrepreneurs.
- Prepare studies and analytic materials.
- Develop and participate in the implementation of economic reforms.
- Promote the well-being and social stability of Russian citizen through their involvement in entrepreneurial activity, etc.

We are entrepreneurs, active citizens of Russia.

We recognize our responsibility to the present and the future of our country for the formation of an environment conducive to living and working.

"OPORA RUSSIA" in figures

- 15 years of success
- 450,000 + entrepreneurs from all over Russia
- 100+ sectoral unions, associations, guilds
- 85 regional offices
- 400+ local offices
- 19 representative offices in 10 countries

RSMB Corporation

RSMB Corporation

RSMB Corporation acts as a development institution in the field of SME support and development.

RSMB Corporation implements various financial instruments on SME support including credit and guarantee tools, provides access to procurement of state-owned companies and infrastructure monopolies, information and legal support.





  • supporting legislative development in the field of navigation activities;
  • developing a common technology policy for navigation sector;
  • uniting the efforts and combining the resources of public and private sectors for development and adoption of navigation products and services that use GLONASS technology in Russia and abroad;
  • forming a global ecosystem of developers and service and content providers that utilize GLONASS technology.

GLONASS Union was established as the Russian navigation market and GLONASS technology enter a new development phase:

  • after completion of satellite constellation deployment, the highest priority goal for the government GLONASS project is the adoption of navigation technologies;
  • implementation of major government projects that utilize navigation technologies in the transport sector, first and foremost – building the ERA-GLONASS System, will ensure accelerated domestic market development and growth;
  • dual-system GLONASS/GPS solutions became the technology standard worldwide.

Implementation of the National Technology Initiative (NTI)

Implementation of the National Technology Initiative (NTI)

Implementation of the National Technology Initiative (NTI) is one of the key tasks set by the President of Russia Vladimir Putin on December 4, 2014, in his Address to the Federal Assembly. AutoNet is one of the 9 NTI markets responsible for unmanned road transportation based on the development of sensor systems, and software for recognition of road situations and transport management. It is an ecosystem that unites representatives of business, science, education, government, international partners and associations in the relevant segments of the market. It is aimed at development of a competitive industry in the field of transport telematics and logistics of people and things.

Official site:,




LLC «Avtodor-TF» offers a comprehensive service package that includes managerial and engineering support, preparing and implementing procurement and auction procedures under applicable laws of the Russian Federation:

  1. procurement preparation, management and conduct (under Federal Law 223-FZ of 18 July 2011, Federal Law 44-FZ of 05 April 2013);
  2. preparation, management and conduct of auctions involving sale of property, incl. lease auctions (Order 67 of the Federal Antimonopoly Service dated 10 February 2010);
  3. calculation and substantiation of initial contract prices;
  4. development of requirements specification for procurement;
  5. expert assessment of the compliance of bids with the laws, conditions and requirements of procurement documentation;
  6. participation in the management of conflict situations and consideration of appeals by bidders;
  7. individual approach to the management and conduct of the Customer's trading and procurement procedures.

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